Dystopian story example

We were asked to share some thoughts about a utopian or dystopian film and that’s why I’m here today 🙂

The last one I read was Nineteen Eighty Four (George Orwell).



This novel was written in the late 40’s and relates a dystopian world in which technology is so developed that it is used to control humans. They can’t even think what they want because some thought are considered against law (thoughtcrimes in the novel) so humans are pursued by a police who control this kind of thoughts.

Wherever they were, they are watched by a screen or a policeman or a recording camera, so they live in a totalitarism regime in which they are as slaves. The main figure of this government is the Big Brother, whom all people have to respect and love. And if you are caught with thoughtcrimes or if you form part of any kind of resistance, they make you disappear or re-educate you with the features of a model citizen who loves the Big Brother.

This kind of dystopian story shows a world in which develop of technology has created a totalitarism in which the powerful sector of society (who controls tech tools) dominate the rest of people…dominating or dominated humans are below the power of technologies.


Un pensamiento en “Dystopian story example

  1. I think that the question is whether this would have still happened if the technology did not exist?Would it have meant thata society like Hitler’s society where lack of trust was created and people were the watchful eyes for the powerful? Did technology shape the society or is it representative of what the society was? I think itis possible to view this as both as utopian as wellas distopian. I beleive that most technologies are. The interent can be used, for example,to provide freedom to many people, but it is also used as a destructive means (just think that this technology enable many to be fleeced of millions of dollars through internet scams. WOuldn’t have been so easywithout it).


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