E-humans, a new dystopian vision

As I wrote in my last post,  this new way to learn has a lot of pros and a bit of cons. 

This week resources made me think about the ways we can use in the future and what they would suppose to the traditional materials we are used to. We are, without doubts, determined by technology…and, instead of the benefits, I don’t think it could be the best idea. As I’ve said before it’s beautiful that we can share ideas like in this MOOC’s, but we have to still using our senses as humans.


With technology we have sounds, images, keys in our fingers…but we can’t taste or smell…in a future in which communications were as we have seen in this week’ videos, people don’t use this senses most time because they’re typing or sending files with their fingers or whatever. This the new form of future…it’ won’t be necessary that robots rebel themselves because we are about to become ourselves as robots, using only technology and not our techniques (that have been developed since homo habilis). Even some film robots (as Wall-E in the photo) seem more human that in this dystopian vision I’m talking about; they could be ‘more human that humans‘ as in Tyrell’ replicants.

We are determined, but not damned! We have to take advantage of technology but not making it our life form because it has cons too…It depends on the side from where we’re watching.


Un pensamiento en “E-humans, a new dystopian vision

  1. I do agree that these week’s films depict a reality of withdrawn feelings and touch. However they have somehow conveyed me a feeling of cleanness which was not dystopian at all. Specially the first one ‘A world made of glass’. I felt that despite the lack of touch I didn’t feel as disturbed as when I watched Benito Machine. For me it was definetely ‘cleaner’.


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