‘Man thinks because he has hands’ (Anaxágoras)

Here we are!! Fresh reflexions about this week materials in #edcmooc

First of all I want to tell you about The Human Touch. I think this article is a stronger way of saing that technology should follow pedagogy but I agree with Monke when the importance of develop our sense in childhood is said. Firsthand experiences are necessary to develop our senses and muscles (and our knowledge about our surroundings). Anaxágoras said ‘Man thinks because he has hands’ underlining the relation brain-hand who is the main one to learn.

It could be a revision of Fuller’s humanistic projects, leaving how to using tech knowledge to the correct time in a student life, when he or she really needs to use this tools. Of course we shouldn’t discriminate any way of education, we have to preserve the old ones who really make people develop their senses and knowledge and then, as an additional knowledge, teach them how to use tech to increase their knowledge.

According to The Human Element, I think that the main assumption is that traditional education is more human because it’s not mediated by technology. This is true and false depending on the meaning of ‘human’. It’s false because text is a human production too and it shouldn’t matter if you see or don’t see the person who is talking to you…but we are use to trust only a person we are seing. Why? Because it’s more reliable to read the body language plus the words…and that’s human too: think globally, words, signs, expressions…

Personally, it’s easier to apprehend ideas which you are feeling as human ideas, for example with Steve Fuller’s  lecture this week that reading a text you’re not able who is speaking.

I personally loved the lecture. We are constructed by society including all our democratic ideas, so we are, in part, designed by society…and education has to build ourselves in order to be res cogitans (as Descartes said) not only a material or physical person who could be manipulated, but also real humans who were able to think, analyze, and choose the best political, cultural, ideological…etc…


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