Are we sillier but technological??

It is said that “when the philosopher points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger”.

This sentence always makes me think about this 5512246334_stupid20google20pew_answer_1_xlarge

and, after this week, it would make me think about Carr’s article. (Week 4, resources, #edcmooc)

I’m not sure if any of you have suffer what Carr tells in his article, but I did and I can tell that it’s very ominous. I always have been a voracious reader and I could remember all the stories, all the books I read, all details of those novels…and now I suffer this lack of concentration, not specially in reading task but in remember the plots or even the things I say or do everyday…sometimes my nearest people tell me something which they have already told me and I feel that it’s the first time I hear that.

After thinking over this article I can contemplate  a little hope. I’m not becoming silly, I’m just restructuring my way of thinking. Well…I don’t think it was better. I liked my memory and I wish to recover it. No one knows that you’re in risk of loosing memory when you get use to surf the Internet. Of course skim lots of web pages for information in the shortest time is useful, but what price are we paying? Do we prefer to sacrifice our memory in order to reduce the time we work or study? Does it mean that we prefer a mechanic activity (e.g. skim) as if we were robots instead of a human feature like memory?

So my conclusion is that sometimes we can’t choose if we prefer humanism to transhumanism, because as in this case, the most times imposed technology varies our mental structures without our permission and make us more efficent but less human.

We have to look for the limit and try to use the best of every side. Midpoint is the key.


Un pensamiento en “Are we sillier but technological??

  1. Hoping not to offend, I’d like to suggest that some of the reduction in capacity to think deeply may be caused by aging. As suggested in the Bostrom article ‘failing to attain native fluency in languages you learn as an adult’ is a limitation of the brain, made all the more obvious through age. Half way through my life expectancy, I have given up trying to remember a great deal of factual knowledge, but still like to think I have the capacity to analyse and synthesize knowledge to gain wisdom.


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