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I wanted to post you something about a book I had to read for my Argumentation Theory and Logic (I left the link, but I’m afraid it’s only in Spanish)…it was written by Jose Luis Molinuevo and it’s entitled Humanismo y nuevas tecnologías.. I really recommend it because it’s very easy to understand and I’ve remembered it since we started this #edcmooc course.

Molinuevo uses lots of sci-fi films to make the reader wonder about what means to be a human and how new paths of though are driving us to a transhumanism experience. Their arguments are very near to this course so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you have the chance to read it.

But. This morning I’ve heard something interesting in BBC News that I want to share with you…not only because it will be easier to the most of you because it’s in English but also because it could be very useful for the last task of the course: our artifacts. It’s a sort of contest which has been the participation of six artists, who were asked about their visions of future. I hope you could find inspiration in these ideas. Good luck!


Un pensamiento en “Adding resources

  1. Thank you Irene, I won’t have time or the language ability to read the Molinuevo, but I just viewed the BBC artists’ future visions and found them inspiring. There was a balance of utopia and dystopia, shame there aren’t female artists represented. Part of my artifact is a vision of the future so I’ll use this to help me consider my expression


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